Saint Seiya currencies Tricks

Saint Seiya currencies Tricks

Saint Seiya- Awakening is a recently launched game that is developed by the Tencent games. The particular game has embarked its presence on the game stores three days back only on 23rd September. This game is a perfect example of recreation of all the anime characters from the '80s along with their skills. It is having amazing animated kinematics of Japanese comic in 2D.
Several iconic scenes are unseen in the anime characters like the saint's arrival in the sanctuary. You can enjoy the game for completely free, but there are some in-game purchases that you may want to buy to progress faster and enjoy more. But all that can cost you several bucks, so to save them you can use Saint Seiya- Awakening hack.


The armors in the game are introduced to save a warrior from allocating a leader. It also enhances the cosmos and helps retain the memory from the previous bearers.

Your lineup

There are a total of six characters in your team where initially only four slots will be available to you. Later on, when you get to 13th and the 18th level, the other two blocks will get unlock automatically. The character with the highest speed will automatically get the chance to lay down its first attack. Therefore this point is essential to keep in mind while choosing the characters.


Diamonds can be considered as the premium currency of the game that you may want to purchase spending your money. But wait why to waste your money when you can have abundant of these using the Saint Seiya- Awakening cheats?

Get the glory in your hands again by strategizing the perfect plan with perfect characters. But Keep in mind that here also the strategy wins over the characters, so make sure to plan a strong one.